Cooperativa l'Operosa

Services / Waste treatment and transport

The Operosa cooperative offers a range of proposals in the environmental area with the aim of relieving the customer of all the tasks connected with management of refuse produced.

Many services are offered:
• project consultancy and related updating on legislation;
•   differentiated collection of civil and industrial refuse;
• collection, transport and disposal in composting for recycling.
The Operosa cooperative offers customized solutions, adapting operator shifts and collection times so as not to interfere with the  customer's working hours.
From a customer oriented service perspective, the Operosa cooperative can create management solutions that guarantee protection of the environment.
The motor vehicles, machinery and equipment used for refuse treatment and transport activities, from the compactor for composting large quantities of materials, to the small vehicle equipped with an automatic measurement and weighing system, are all of the latest generation and are safe for users.
All the operations are carried out in the most complete transparency, so that the customer can carry out the necessary monitoring operations.
The Operosa cooperative, for many years a leader in the field of waste treatment and transport services, has always been a guarantee of quality and professional seriousness.