Cooperativa l'Operosa

Services / Environmental hygiene and sanitization

The Operosa cooperative has established itself as leader company in the area of hospital hygiene, carrying out the service with recognized professionalism and quality in some of the most representative healthcare structures at national level, both public is private.

The main objective of the Company is to contribute both to a better quality of life for patients and for customers, and at the same time to reduce the probability of spreading of infectious microorganisms.
To achieve this goal, L'Operosa cooperative bases its cleaning activities on consolidated operating procedures with proven technical and scientific validity. These procedures are an important support for the ongoing training provided to our staff.
The desire to pursue continuous improvement in the quality of the cleaning and sanitization services provided in a hospital context encourages the Operosa cooperative to follow scientific initiatives aimed at experimentation on the effectiveness of work methods.
To summarise, research, training, effective cleaning procedures, organizational ability and the use of the latest equipment allow the Operosa cooperative to effectively pursue a high level of hygiene through providing its cleaning services.