Cooperativa l'Operosa

Company policy / Strategy

OPEROSA has defined the following strategies, on the basis of company policy:

-careful analysis of the competition, especially in relation to the market, in order to calibrate commercial strategies in the best possible way;
-to diversify activities as much as possible;
-implementation of Management Control, based on a system of analytical accounting;
- constant attention to customer satisfaction and expectations;
- continuous search for products with a low ecological impact and for innovative machinery;
- setting aside time for evaluation, discussion and review, in order to monitor operating performance and to remain updated on developments in the external environment;
- to be fully aware of the environmental management of its suppliers;
- to maintain socially and ethically responsible behaviour and to encourage our suppliers in the direction of a management policy that is more attentive to human rights, influencing their behaviour and increasing their ethical-social quality;
- to monitor and, when possible, to reduce consumption and improve the management of waste produced;
- to organize training activity rationally in agreement with the subjects involved;
- to consider the health and safety of workers and the related results as an integral part of business management;
- to involve and consult the workers, also through the their representatives, in decisions on the health and safety of workers.