Cooperativa l'Operosa

Company policy / Mission

The mission of OPEROSA is to “represent a solid organization and to consolidate its market position, supplying excellent services and guaranteeing continuity and development of employment”.

Since Customers are its privileged stakeholder, Management's approach is primarily cantered on satisfying them, sticking to the basic operational goal of providing work for its members, while maintaining an economic-financial balance.
In doing so, the Organization intends to:
-provide the service with transparency and efficiency, complying with the requirements defined by the reference regulations and by the specifications identified by the Customer;
-establish and/or strengthen the partnership relationships with the most important Customers and, where possible/appropriate, with the Suppliers;
-invest in the continuous adaptation of resources, also by maintaining a suitable, calm and stimulating environment and guaranteeing safety in the work place;
-invest in new technologies that guarantee environmental protection and the reduction of manufacturing impacts on the environment;
-implement management control systems to constantly monitor “health” of the company balance sheet, in both the short and the long term.