Cooperativa l'Operosa

Company policy / Goals

Management plans specific objectives and sets measurable goals, guaranteeing that plans and means to achieve them will be made available.
OPEROSA Management periodically checks and reviews the policy and the specific objectives set to that they are constantly adapted to the business and market needs, in order achieve continuous improvement in qualitative and environmental services and in the conditions of hygiene and safety.

Policies regarding external customer and/or the Public
The OPEROSA is committed to planning supply services that strictly meet customer expectations, providing a reliable, punctual and service that focuses on understanding and satisfying their requirements, both explicit and implicit, always with due consideration the aim of prevention of pollution and, as far as it is substantially feasible, the progressive reduction of the impact of the activity on the environment, and the constant monitoring of safety in the work place of its employees.

Policies for employees

Since OPEROSA is a work cooperative, it considers it as essential for business development to have a policy that respects the role of the employee through the application of national bargaining agreements and supplementary contracts, defining the individual duties and how these are inserted in the shared activity, through familiarity with Company objectives, and by making available the necessary resources for the carrying out the various tasks.
Moreover, OPEROSA guarantees its employees a safe and healthy work environment, adopting equipment, plant and machinery that comply with safety requirements.

Purchasing policies
OPEROSA has instituted an ongoing and open relationship with its suppliers and subcontractors, a cooperation aimed at the improvement of products and/or services, conscious of the fact that the reliability of the suppliers is an essential requirement for our reliability.

Commercial policies
OPEROSA has adopted a commercial policy focussed on systematic market research, in order to discover customer trends and to offer services that always aim at satisfying expectations. In addition, it intends to strengthen collaboration with other companies in order to submit tenders in new commercial sectors.